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Gaining a new tag for in class progress
Ju-Jitsu Grading
Kata Grading
Kobudo Grading
Morpeth Grading
Tyneside grading
Teesside Grading
Black Belt Grading
Ceremonial Throwing of the Brown Belt
Awarded student of the year
Kata Competition Winners

Our Students Achieving their Goals

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Teesside Grading Examiners
Tyneside Grading Examiners
Northumbria Grading Examiners
  • Our Board of Examiner's take a huge interest in the standards in our Area to make sure they remain high.

  • Students always get feedback on how they graded and advice on how they can improve, or a big well done! If the students have worked hard, and performed better than expected.

  • A fantastic team of highly experienced coaches.

  • Coaches are not permitted to grade their own students, so each Team is chosen to grade in that Area, so they remain completely impartial. 

certificates awarded for grading from beginner up
certificates awarded for kata grading
certificates awarded for Kobudo grading
gold tag certificates.
black belt certificates.
course certificated awarded for updating knowledge

Adult Courses

certificate awarded for core exercise knowledge update
a hojo certificate.
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