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Bo Manipulation
Nunchaku skills and drills
Bo Stances
Bo Kata
Yawara stick
Tonfa Techniques
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What is Kobudo
  • Kobudo is a traditional Japanese Martial Art focused on weapons training.

  • Kobudo was developed on the Okinawan Islands of Japan and concentrates on traditional Okinawan weapons such as the Bo, Sai, Tonfa, Kama, Jo, Tanbo, Yawara, Nunchaku and Sword.

  • Kobudo is a very complex Martial Art.

  • Thought to have developed from farmers who were under Samurai oppression, and they needed to fight back or defend themselves. 

  • One theory was that the farmers had to resort to using their farming tools to hand, and they would practice in secret. The Kama was a farm tool, known as the sickle varying in sizes for cutting sheaths of grass. Tonfa was originally the handle to the millstone grinder. Bo had many uses, carrying water, and so many other uses on a farm.

  • In modern day, Kobudo has evolved and expanded to include skill training, technical development, and a wide variety of kata's.


Teesside Kobudo Club

Thornaby Pavilion

Mitchell Avenue 


The Class is on every Saturday

12 - 1pm.


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