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age 10

What NEJJKA means to me......

NEJJKA has helped make me me. It introduced me to many of my friends. A new martial art I hadn't heard of before and set me on my way to becoming well, who I am today. I feel that if I had not joined J-J, I wouldn't be where I am now with all my new friends and I certainly wouldn't know Ju-Jitsu. NEJJKA is amazing. The Sensei's are really nice too, they are really welcoming and friendly.



The first steps for us were very slow, we'd been considering it since we first enrolled our son, but we never quite got around to it,

Then some of the other mums mentioned they were going to give it ago and we decided we'd commit to starting with them. That was the push we needed.

That was 18 month ago and we're still taking baby steps, but we're loving it.

The classes are structured but the atmosphere is relaxed, everyone is happy to share advice and the laughs! my god there are some laughs.

If you've already enrolled your little ones then the reason you want them to learn the art apply to you too, improved fitness, confidence, self defence, just getting out of the house for an or two and making some new friends..

We couldn't be happier learning as a family and having a common interest.



To sum up 21 years of Ju Jitsu with NEJJKA in a few sentences and to let others know of the enjoyment and friendship, the confidence boost, the fitness and training element, progression through the belts.


 The Coaches who are all DBS checked with Child Protection Certification, fully insured and also attend coaching update courses regularly -This shows how much passion, commitment and dedication to students, their clubs and the Association is given so greatly.


Malcolm  ( parent)

Very safe, friendly environment for like minded people of all ages to meet, socialise and achieve greatness.

Fantastic group of instructors at hand to guide you towards your goals.

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