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Soke Robert Clark 1946-2012
His legacy Continues throughout the World!
and our Friendship's continue to build with Respect and Great Honour.
WJJF at its best under his leadership and all these great coaches and friends we met along the way.

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books written by Professor Clark
Soke Robert Clark and Beryl Miao

World Ju-Jitsu Federation

Robert Clark International Technical Director  and Beryl Miao WJJF general secretary, and together they were a formidable team. The best Ju-Jitsu organisation I have ever seen.  Soke Robert Clark who developed the Ju-Jitsu that we teach to you today, there was no structure in his early training years, Soke Clark developed the syllabus, he travelled throughout Great Britain and then around the world sharing his knowledge, and along with Beryl who is the best organiser I know, she worked hard and a lot of the time in the background making sure every thing ran smoothly on courses and events she was and always will be our 1st lady of Ju-Jitsu. They ran the WJJF in Liverpool HQ with Robert Clark at the helm, like a well oiled machine, sailing smoothly. Soke Robert Clark brought many people from all walks of life together. 


Myself, Steve, Karl and Keith were very fortunate to have been taught by Robert Clark on the many Master Courses he held at HQ in Liverpool, and even had the pleasure of hosting an International event here in 2004, which a lot of our Senior grades will remember as a fantastic weekend.


Soke Clark was a great leader, and was capable of holding many people together, he was the most inspirational iconic man I have ever met, he inspired me and many others to be the best we can be, he was a very dedicated, professional Martial artist, and he had a vision and image that he strove for, and really was ahead of his time, a one off, a technical genius, with an engineering brain, that could link and lock things together, like nobody I know! and on top of all that a perfectionist! the attention to detail was awe inspiring. Nobody can come close to filling the void he has left, but we honour his legacy and continue his teaching's and hope we have done him proud, and we carry on forward teaching with Kindness and always remember his words "Everyone is equal in our Federation" and "Children, are the future of our Federation" and he was very passionate about that! and his passion has become our passion and dedication to carry his journey forward, keeping his spirit close within us. Forever in all our hearts!

Soke Clark Introduced us to some amazing people over the 32 years he was in our lives!
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Robert Clark

1946 –2012


We were all absolutely devastated at the sad loss of our Soke Robert Clark, he had so much still to teach, he was a genius on the mat, an amazing leader, role model and our hero, he built a federation to be proud of, and we were so proud to be members of the World Ju-Jitsu Federation. Sadly once the Boss was no longer in charge, people left to do their own best way forward and his legacy will continue through everyone who now carries on the baton, continuing his teaching, passing on all the information he corrected us  on so many times, to make us all better teachers, he was passionate about the Federation and his philosophy and beliefs, his door was open to all, any size, age, ability, creed or colour, nobody was discriminated, and everyone was welcome, wanting the best for his members, Robert Clark and his development of Ju-Jitsu has changed and influenced so many lives, We feel honoured to have been fortunate enough to have been taught by him, humbled in his presence, and a highly respected truly great Master.

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