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NEJJKA News - updated January 2024

Welcome to our new club year

Black Belt Gradings
Courses / Competition / Events

23rd March Teesside Ju-Jitsu Grading

24th March Tyneside Ju-Jitsu Grading


12th May Tyneside Kata Grading

18th May Teesside Kata Grading

29th June Teesside Ju-Jitsu Grading

30th June Tyneside Ju-Jitsu Grading

28th September Teesside Ju-Jitsu Grading

29th September Tyneside Ju-Jitsu Grading

14th December Teesside Ju-Jitsu Grading

15th December Tyneside Ju-Jitsu Grading

2nd June Black Belt Assessment

7th July Black Belt Grading

24th November Black Belt Assessment

1st December Black Belt Grading

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25th February Coaching Course

3rd March Junior leadership  10-12


28th April Tyneside Course

9th June HOJO & SWORD  10-12

12/13th October Course in Portugal

10th November Teesside Course 11-1pm

7th December Presentation Eve

Whiteleas Social club 


First Aid Course 2023

Teaching Kata
Teaching Kata
Mock up of New Designed Gi
new gi
coaching and back BADGE

 Coaching Badges & Student Back Badge

New Hoody

Hoody design
hoody Design

Coaching in Italy 27th/28th May 2023
We have been invite to Italy for the 2nd year running to coach by Hanshi Stefano Draghi.  It's very exciting to have the opportunity again, as we thoroughly enjoyed our first time. We will take plenty of photographs.

Dorothy guest coach invited to Italy
Stephen guest coach invited to Italy

Images from the 40th Anniversary Course and  Gala evening to follow. only let me upload a video.

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