Ju-Jitsu has so many benefits for Children:-

  • Children can begin from age 5, varies from club to club

  • Discipline

  • Courtesy

  • Respect

  • Core and Body Strength Building

  • Brain and Memory Development

  • Skill and Reflexes Sharpen

  • Speed and Reaction Quicken

  • Constant Praise raises Self Esteem

  • Encouragement

  • From Beginner to Black Belt

  • Confidence Grows

  • Leadership skills develop

  • Jnr Leader to Assistant Coach age 16

  • Club Coach can be achieved by 18

Dream Big, Believe in Yourself, Achieve your Goals!

Each video shows how the training development gets better as they go through the ranks.  Each video was filmed during the learning phase, not grading standard but you can still see progression.

After a month.
Training for yellow belt.
Training for orange belt.
Training for green belt.
Training for brown & white belt.

Training for Brown Belt

Having Fun is what it is all about!

Training for Black Belt

Our grading's are every 3 month, the children only grade if they are at the correct standard. We monitor each child regularly and if they can perform 3 - 5 moves without help, they earn a red tag in class, 6-10 moves a yellow tag, 9-15 moves a green tag, once they receive the Green tag they work on speed for their grading and ultimate performance mark  of Pass, Credit, Honours or Honours with Distinction only ever rarely awarded for  a wow performance!

To reach Grading Standard :-

1. They must know all the techniques on their syllabus

2. They can perform the moves, without prompt from the coach.

3. They can perform the moves at a speed that is acceptable for that particular grade. age, ability.

Training after Black belt.
  • Children learn from our Jnr syllabus

  • Children have to be 18 to take 2nd Dan

  • So they don't get bored waiting along time for 2nd Dan, the Gold tag system was introduced. We adapted it, and added in things they didn't learn that adults did, and incorporated 2nd Dan into the learning frame.

Playing Games on Courses or at the end of a class allows children to socialise, it also acts as a reward for good behaviour during training. It builds team building, and strategy skills. We have so many different games we play, but their favourite's are Dodge ball, Warlord, Shoot Ball and Chase the Dragons Tail. We have a good balance mix of work hard, skill build then play time.